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shoptalk conversation dealing with, or using the jargon of, one's job or profession, esp. after working hours.
shopworn of merchandise, worn or dirtied by exposure and handling. [2 definitions]
shoran an electronic system of navigational signals used in airplanes, ships, guided missiles, and the like to determine the precise position of the aircraft or ship (acronym for "short range navigation").
shore1 the land beside an ocean, sea, lake, or river. [2 definitions]
shore2 a usu. angled post or beam that supports something such as a building or a ship in port. [2 definitions]
shore bird any of various birds, such as the sandpiper, that frequent the shores of oceans, lakes, and the like.
shore dinner a meal featuring several seafoods.
shore leave permission granted to a ship's crew for onshore recreation, or the actual time spent ashore; liberty.
shoreless without a substantial shore or beach.
shoreline the place where land and water meet; littoral.
shore patrol those members of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, or Marines that are designated as military police on shore.
shoreward to or toward the shore. [4 definitions]
shoring the act of supporting or propping up with shores. [2 definitions]
shorn a past participle of shear.
short of little length; not long. [16 definitions]
shortage a deficiency; lack. [2 definitions]
shortbread a rich cake or cookie that contains much shortening, esp. butter.
shortcake a cake or biscuit made with a rich dough, esp. a cake to be topped or filled with fruit and eaten as a dessert.
shortchange to return less than the correct amount of change to. [2 definitions]
short-circuit to disrupt an electrical circuit, usu. accidentally, by providing a low-resistance alternate path for current, often resulting in sparks or electrical damage. [3 definitions]
short circuit a usu. inadvertent low-resistance alternate path for an electrical current, often resulting in damage.