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shoulder holster a holster attached, under one's armpit, to a shoulder strap, so that a firearm can be carried concealed under one's coat or jacket.
shoulder patch an identifying patch worn on the upper arm of a military uniform, showing the wearer's branch of service, rank, or unit.
shoulder strap a strap that is worn on the shoulder, as to support a garment or carry a purse or camera. [2 definitions]
shouldn't contracted form of "should not."
should've contracted form of "should have."
shout to call out loudly; yell. [3 definitions]
shove to push roughly or carelessly. [4 definitions]
shovel a large, long-handled scoop for digging or lifting heavy material such as earth, snow, or coal. [8 definitions]
shoveler one that uses a shovel. [2 definitions]
shovelful the amount that can or does fill a shovel.
shovel hat a broad-brimmed hat turned up at the sides and having a shovellike projection front and back, usu. worn by English clergymen.
shovel-nosed having a broad, flat head, beak, or snout.
shove off to push a boat off the shore. [2 definitions]
show to cause or allow to be seen. [16 definitions]
showable combined form of show.
show bill an advertising flyer or poster.
showboat (informal) a person who behaves flamboyantly to gain attention; show-off. [3 definitions]
showbread see "shewbread."
show business the entertainment industry or business, including theater, television, radio, and films.
showcase a glass display case or cabinet, used to exhibit and protect articles in a store, museum, or the like. [3 definitions]
showdown a conclusive confrontation, usu. after initial sparring or exchange of verbal hostilities. [2 definitions]