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shrub a perennial plant, ranging in height from very low to the size of a small tree, and having woody stems that branch from close to the ground; bush.
shrubbery a group, a planting, or an expanse of shrubs. [2 definitions]
shrubby consisting of or covered with shrubs. [2 definitions]
shrug to raise and draw (the shoulders) inward to indicate one's lack of power over a situation, or one's lack of responsibility, concern, knowledge, or the like. [4 definitions]
shrug off to ignore or minimize. [3 definitions]
shrunk a past tense and past participle of shrink.
shrunken a past participle of shrink.
shtetl formerly, any of the small Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, esp. Russia.
shuck the protective outer covering of any of various vegetables, fruits, or shellfish; husk, pod, or shell. [3 definitions]
shucks used to express mild annoyance, disappointment, or embarrassment.
shudder to tremble or shiver uncontrollably, but usu. briefly, as from cold, fear, or distaste. [2 definitions]
shuffle to drag or scrape the feet along the floor while walking. [8 definitions]
shuffleboard a game in which disks are thrust with a long-handled, pronged cue along a smooth, marked floor or deck toward numbered scoring positions.
shul a synagogue.
shun to keep away from or avoid, esp. purposely.
shunt to turn or move aside or out of the way; divert. [10 definitions]
shush be quiet; hush. [2 definitions]
shut to close (a door, window, or the like). [5 definitions]
shutdown a closing or stopping of operations, as of a factory or power generator.
shut down to stop or cause to stop operating.
shut-in confined indoors by illness, disability, or infirmity. [3 definitions]