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sibilant of, pertaining to, characterized by, or producing a hissing sound. [2 definitions]
sibling one of two or more relatives that have at least one parent in common; sister or brother. [2 definitions]
sibyl one of the women in ancient Greece or Rome considered to be oracles and prophets. [2 definitions]
sic1 to urge (a dog) to attack or set upon another animal or person. [2 definitions]
sic2 thus; so (used parenthetically when citing a quotation in a written text to indicate that an apparently incorrect usage or misprint has been faithfully copied from the original and is not an error on the part of the present writer).
siccative causing or aiding the process of drying. [2 definitions]
Sicily a large island that is part of Italy and is at its southern tip.
sick having an illness or disease; ill. [4 definitions]
sick bay a hospital, dispensary, or infirmary, esp. on a ship.
sickbed the bed of a sick person.
sick call in the military, a daily lineup of those requesting medical attention. [2 definitions]
sicken to cause to be disgusted or repelled. [2 definitions]
sickening causing or able to cause illness, esp. nausea. [2 definitions]
sick headache a headache accompanied or caused by nausea. [2 definitions]
sickish rather sick, esp. nauseated. [2 definitions]
sickle a tool consisting of a long, sharp, semicircular blade held by a short handle, used to cut grain and long grass. [2 definitions]
sick leave time off from work that is granted for illness, usu. with pay and for a limited number of days.
sickle bar a device consisting of a heavy bar that supports and protects the mowing blades, as of a harvesting machine.
sickle cell anemia a hereditary form of anemia caused by the presence of abnormal sickle-shaped red blood cells and abnormal hemoglobin, resulting in abdominal pain and leg ulcers.
sickly often sick; not strong or healthy. [5 definitions]
sickness the state of being sick; illness. [3 definitions]