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siege mentality an abnormal state of mind in which one feels besieged by hostile external forces.
Siegfried in Germanic legend and in The Nibelungenlied, a hero who wins the treasure of the Nibelungs and kills the dragon.
Siegfried line a series of fortifications constructed by Germany along its western frontier before World War II.
sienna a natural pigment of iron and manganese oxides that is yellowish brown, or reddish brown when roasted.
sierra a chain of mountains or hills that have rugged peaks suggestive of saw teeth. [2 definitions]
Sierra Leone a West African country on the Atlantic between Guinea and Liberia.
Sierra Nevada a mountain range in eastern California (often referred to as "the Sierra Nevadas"). [2 definitions]
siesta a rest or nap, esp. in Spanish-speaking countries, during the hottest afternoon hours following the midday meal.
sieve a utensil with a wire mesh or finely perforated bottom, used as a strainer or to sift or purée solids. [2 definitions]
sift to pass or force through a sieve in order to retain or break up the larger parts. [6 definitions]
siftings that which remains after something has been sifted. [2 definitions]
sigh to exhale with a long, audible puff of breath, as from sorrow or weariness. [5 definitions]
sight the ability to see; vision. [11 definitions]
sighted able to see; having sight. [2 definitions]
sight gag a comic presentation or action whose effect is achieved by physical means rather than by words.
sighting an act or instance of seeing, esp. the observation of something unusual or sought after.
sightless incapable of seeing; blind.
sightly visually pleasing; attractive.
sight-read to read or perform (music) on first sight, without practicing beforehand.
sightsee to tour about for the purpose of sightseeing.
sightseeing the act or pastime of visiting and viewing various places of interest; touring. [2 definitions]