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sight word in vocabulary learning, a word, usually short and basic, that a reader recognizes visually, without having to decode it phonetically or otherwise. "The," "we," "their," and "have" are typical sight words.
sigma the name of the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
sigmoid having the shape of the letter "C" or "S". [2 definitions]
sigmoid flexure the final curve of the colon before it reaches the rectum. [2 definitions]
sigmoidoscope a medical instrument used for visual examination of the rectum and colon.
Sigmund Freud an Austrian physician and the founder of psychoanalysis (b.1856--d.1939).
sign anything that indicates the presence or existence of a fact, event, quality, or tendency; indicator; indication. [11 definitions]
signal a gesture, action, or device used to give information, directions, or warning. [9 definitions]
Signal Corps the U.S. Army branch that handles communications, weather data, and the like.
signalize to make prominent or noticeable.
signally so as to be very noticeable; remarkably.
signalman one whose job is to give or receive signals, as on a railroad or in the military.
signatory having signed and thus accepted an agreement as binding, esp. an international agreement. [2 definitions]
signature one's name or personal mark, used to sign documents, letters, checks, or the like. [4 definitions]
signboard a board on which there is a sign; placard.
signer a person who signs his or her name, as on a document. [2 definitions]
signet a small seal, with a distinctive mark or sign, as on a ring or stamp. [3 definitions]
signet ring a finger ring that features a small seal or emblem.
significance importance; consequence. [2 definitions]
significant having consequence or import; important. [2 definitions]
significantly in an amount or to an extent that is important; considerably.