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sigmoid having the shape of the letter "C" or "S". [2 definitions]
sigmoid flexure the final curve of the colon before it reaches the rectum. [2 definitions]
sigmoidoscope a medical instrument used for visual examination of the rectum and colon.
Sigmund Freud an Austrian physician and the founder of psychoanalysis (b.1856--d.1939).
sign anything that indicates the presence or existence of a fact, event, quality, or tendency; indicator; indication. [11 definitions]
signal a gesture, action, or device used to give information, directions, or warning. [9 definitions]
Signal Corps the U.S. Army branch that handles communications, weather data, and the like.
signalize to make prominent or noticeable.
signally so as to be very noticeable; remarkably.
signalman one whose job is to give or receive signals, as on a railroad or in the military.
signatory having signed and thus accepted an agreement as binding, esp. an international agreement. [2 definitions]
signature one's name or personal mark, used to sign documents, letters, checks, or the like. [4 definitions]
signboard a board on which there is a sign; placard.
signer a person who signs his or her name, as on a document. [2 definitions]
signet a small seal, with a distinctive mark or sign, as on a ring or stamp. [3 definitions]
signet ring a finger ring that features a small seal or emblem.
significance importance; consequence. [2 definitions]
significant having consequence or import; important. [2 definitions]
significantly in an amount or to an extent that is important; considerably.
signification meaning; sense. [2 definitions]
signify to serve as a sign of; mean. [4 definitions]