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significantly in an amount or to an extent that is important; considerably.
signification meaning; sense. [2 definitions]
signify to serve as a sign of; mean. [4 definitions]
sign in to write your name to show that you have arrived.
sign language a system of manual configurations and motions used as a language for the deaf.
sign of the zodiac any of the twelve symbols given to the parts of the zodiac.
signor an Italian title of respect for a man, similar to "Mr." or "Sir".
signora an Italian title of respect for a married woman, similar to "Mrs." or "Madam".
signore an Italian title of courtesy for a man, similar to "Sir" (used without the proper name).
signorina an Italian title of respect for a girl or unmarried woman, similar to "Miss".
signpost a post bearing a sign indicating location, direction, or other information, as at a street corner. [2 definitions]
sign up to join or cause to join a particular group, class, or activity; register.
sika a medium-sized deer of eastern Asia, having a reddish-brown coat with white spots.
Sikh a member of a Hindu religious sect formed about 1500 in India, whose adherents have faith in one god and reject idol worship and the caste system.
silage fresh fodder stored and allowed to ferment in a silo.
sild any of various small or young herring packaged as sardines in Norway.
silence absence of sound; stillness. [6 definitions]
silencer one that silences, esp. a device for muffling the sound made by a gun.
silent making no sound. [6 definitions]
silent butler a container having a handle and a hinged lid and used for collecting ashtray contents, crumbs, and the like for disposal.
silent partner one who invests financially in a business or enterprise but does not become actively involved otherwise.