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sincerity a thorough and genuine honesty; candor; earnestness.
sine in trigonometry, the ratio, in a right triangle, of the length of a side opposite an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse. [2 definitions]
sinecure a paid position or office that requires little or no work. [2 definitions]
sine die (Latin) having no set day or date for the next meeting or future business.
sine qua non (Latin) something necessary; indispensable item or condition.
sinew a tendon or tendons. [3 definitions]
sine wave a smooth, periodic oscillation that is the graphical representation of a sine function.
sinewy of sinew, or sinewlike; strong; tough. [2 definitions]
sinful full of or marked by sin; wicked. [2 definitions]
sing to make musical sounds with the voice. [7 definitions]
sing. abbreviation of "singular."
singable combined form of sing.
sing a different tune to change one's opinion, behavior, or the like.
sing-along (informal) a gathering of people to sing together.
Singapore an island country of Southeast Asia, south of Malaysia, or its main island. [2 definitions]
singe to burn slightly on the surface, end, or edge. [4 definitions]
singer a person who sings, esp. as an occupation or avocation. [2 definitions]
Singhalese see "Sinhalese."
single only one. [12 definitions]
single-breasted narrowly overlapped in front and closing with a single row of buttons, as a jacket or coat. (Cf. double-breasted.)
single-celled of a living thing, composed of only one cell.