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sinusitis inflammation of the nasal sinus linings.
sinusoidal of or relating to a sine wave.
sinusoidal projection an equal-area map projection of the entire earth in which all lines of latitude are shown as straight lines and all lines of longitude as curved.
-sion act or process, or result of (such) an act or process. [2 definitions]
Sion variant of Zion.
Siouan a family of North American Indian languages of central and eastern North America. [3 definitions]
Sioux a member of a group of American Indian peoples of the northern plains of the United States and of southern Canada, esp. the Dakota. [2 definitions]
sip to drink slowly and a little at a time. [3 definitions]
siphon a tube or pipe used to suck a liquid over the top of its container and into a lower one by means of air pressure. [3 definitions]
siphon bottle a sealed bottle having a tube through the neck that is connected at the top with a valve that controls the flow of the pressurized carbonated water in the bottle.
siphonophore any of various transparent or colored marine hydrozoans, including the Portuguese man-of-war.
sir (often cap.) a respectful form of address for a man, usu. used in place of his name. [3 definitions]
sirdar in India, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, a military leader. [2 definitions]
sire the male parent of a four-legged, domesticated animal such as a horse. [3 definitions]
siren (often cap.) in Greek mythology and The Odyssey, one of a group of sea nymphs who lure sailors to death on rocky coasts by their seductive singing. [6 definitions]
Sirius a white binary star in the constellation Canis Major, the brightest star in the sky with a combined magnitude of -1.4; Dog Star.
sirloin a cut of beef from the upper loin, just in front of the rump.
sirocco a hot, dry, dusty wind that blows steadily from North Africa to parts of Europe. [2 definitions]
sirree (informal) sir (used for emphasis after "yes" or "no").
sirup variant of syrup.
Sir Walter Raleigh an English explorer who founded a short-lived colony on what is now Roanoke Island, Virginia (b.1554--d.1618).