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sitting a period during which one is seated to participate in a particular activity, such as having one's portrait painted. [4 definitions]
sitting duck an especially vulnerable person or thing; easy target.
sitting room a room next to a bedroom that is used as a living room, as in a hotel or on a ship. [2 definitions]
situate to put in a particular place or position; place or locate.
situated placed as to location, position, or circumstances.
situation state of affairs; circumstances. [4 definitions]
situation comedy a comedy, esp. a television series, with a continuing cast of characters who appear in episodic plots; sitcom.
situation ethics a system of ethics in which moral rules are not absolute but may be modified for special situations.
sit-up an exercise for the stomach muscles, in which one lies flat on one's back and then sits up without bending the legs and without support from the arms.
sit up to sit so that one's back becomes straight and not bent over, or to move into a sitting position from a lying position. [4 definitions]
sitz bath a chairlike tub or basin used for bathing the hips and buttocks.
Siva see "Shiva."
Sivan the ninth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late May through early June in the Gregorian calendar.
six the number represented by the Arabic numeral 6 and by the Roman numeral VI. [3 definitions]
sixfold having six parts or elements. [3 definitions]
Six Nations a confederation of Iroquois Indian peoples, originally including the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas, and expanded in the eighteenth century to include the Tuscaroras.
six-pack a container of six bottles or cans, usu. of beer or a carbonated beverage.
sixpence a coin formerly minted in England worth six pence. [2 definitions]
sixpenny of small value; cheap. [2 definitions]
six-shooter (informal) a handgun that holds six bullets.
sixteen the number represented by the Arabic numeral 16 and by the Roman numeral XVI. [3 definitions]