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sixteenth indicating rank or position between fifteenth and seventeenth. [3 definitions]
sixteenth note in music, a note with one sixteenth the value of a whole note; semiquaver.
sixth indicating rank or position between fifth and seventh. [4 definitions]
sixth sense the ability to perceive independently of the five senses; intuition.
sixtieth indicating rank or position between fifty-ninth and sixty-first. [3 definitions]
sixty the number represented by the Arabic numeral 60 and by the Roman numeral LX. [5 definitions]
sixtyfourth note in music, a note with one sixty-fourth the value of a whole note; hemidemisemiquaver.
sixty-nine (vulgar slang) mutual simultaneous oral-genital sex activity.
sizable of considerable size or quantity; fairly large.
size1 the physical extent or dimensions of anything. [5 definitions]
size2 any of several substances made from glue, starch, clay, or wax, and used as filler material for cloth, paper, or wall surfaces. [2 definitions]
-sized having the size specified.
sizing a glaze or filler for porous surfaces as on paper, cloth, or plaster walls; size. [2 definitions]
sizzle to make the hissing or crackling sound of frying fat or oils. [4 definitions]
sjambok a South African whip made of rhinoceros or hippopotamus hide. [2 definitions]
ska a form of Jamaican dance music that blends folk music and calypso with New Orleans rhythm and blues and is characterized by the use of saxophones and brass, a shuffling tempo, and syncopation.
skald any of the ancient Scandinavian poets, as of the Viking period.
skate1 a shoe with either a blade or a set of small wheels attached to the sole, for use, respectively, on ice and on other hard surfaces; ice skate or roller skate. [2 definitions]
skate2 any of several fish related to rays, found along the western U.S. coast and having a skeleton of cartilage, a flat body, side fins extending out like wings, and usu. a pointed snout.
skateboard a flat, short, narrow board mounted on four roller-skate wheels, ridden in a standing position or used to perform athletic feats such as jumps and flips. [2 definitions]
skateboarding the sport of performing with a skateboard.