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skeleton in the closet a disgrace hidden from public knowledge; secret shame.
skeletonize to reduce to a skeleton or basic structure. [3 definitions]
skeleton key a key that can open many different locks because part of the bit is filed away; passkey.
skeptic one who is inclined to question or doubt assertions that are made or accepted by others. [3 definitions]
skeptical having or showing doubt; questioning. [3 definitions]
skepticism distrust or disbelief, or a general tendency to doubt and question. [3 definitions]
sketch a preliminary drawing or painting, usu. done quickly or without detail, often as a study for a later work. [6 definitions]
sketchbook a book or pad of drawing paper for making sketches. [2 definitions]
sketchpad a pad or book of blank pages of paper for drawing.
sketchy giving only outlines or major points; like a sketch. [3 definitions]
skew to turn or go off at an angle; swerve. [6 definitions]
skewbald of animals, esp. horses, having patches of white, brown, or any other color but black. [2 definitions]
skewer a long, usu. metal pin used to hold food together or suspend it during cooking. [3 definitions]
ski one of a pair of long, narrow, smooth runners with upturned front tips, worn attached to boots, for gliding over snow. [5 definitions]
skiable combined form of ski.
skid a sudden sliding, often sideways, of a vehicle without the wheels turning. [8 definitions]
skiddy of a road or the like, having a slippery surface.
skid row a run-down part of a city, frequented by society's outcasts; slum area.
skier a person who skis.
skiff a small, light boat that may have sails but can be rowed by one oarsman.
skiffle a primitive, former jazz style of music in which the performers used both standard and homemade instruments. [2 definitions]