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skiable combined form of ski.
skid a sudden sliding, often sideways, of a vehicle without the wheels turning. [8 definitions]
skiddy of a road or the like, having a slippery surface.
skid row a run-down part of a city, frequented by society's outcasts; slum area.
skier a person who skis.
skiff a small, light boat that may have sails but can be rowed by one oarsman.
skiffle a primitive, former jazz style of music in which the performers used both standard and homemade instruments. [2 definitions]
skiing the activity or sport of traveling over snow on skis.
ski jump a snow-covered slope or track from which skiers can make jumps. [2 definitions]
ski lift a mechanism, usu. comprising a motor-driven cable with a series of attached chairs, used to carry skiers up a slope.
skill ability to perform a task or tasks well, esp. because of training or experience. [3 definitions]
skilled having skill. [2 definitions]
skillet a frying pan.
skillful having or using skill; adroit or adept. [2 definitions]
skill-less combined form of skill.
skim to remove (something) from the surface of a liquid, or to clear the surface of (a liquid) by removing fat or other floating matter. [8 definitions]
skimmer a flat utensil with holes, used to skim liquids. [4 definitions]
skim milk milk from which the cream has been separated.
skimp to be stingy or very sparing. [2 definitions]
skimpy too few, too small, or too thin; barely adequate; scanty. [2 definitions]
skin the thin, pliable tissue covering the animal or human body. [8 definitions]