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slave driver an employer or supervisor who is very harsh or severe. [2 definitions]
slaveholder one who possesses slaves.
slaver1 to allow saliva to drip from the mouth; slobber; drool. [3 definitions]
slaver2 a slave trader or a ship used to transport slaves.
slavery the ownership of one or more persons by another or others; bondage. [4 definitions]
slave trade buying and selling human beings as slaves.
Slavic a branch of the Indo-European language family that includes languages of parts of Russia, eastern Europe, and south central Europe, such as Ukrainian, Polish, and Serbo-Croatian. [2 definitions]
slavish of, like, or befitting a slave; servile; submissive. [2 definitions]
slaw a salad of cabbage and dressing; coleslaw.
slay to kill or murder deliberately and usu. violently. [2 definitions]
sleazy base or disreputable. [2 definitions]
sled a flat platform of wood or other material, usu. mounted on runners, that is used to travel over snow and ice. [3 definitions]
sledge1 a heavy sled, drawn by horses, dogs, or other draft animals, and used to transport heavy loads over long stretches of snow and ice. [2 definitions]
sledge2 see sledgehammer.
sledgehammer a large, heavy, long-handled hammer, usu. held with both hands, that is used for such tasks as driving posts into the ground. [2 definitions]
sleek smooth or shiny. [4 definitions]
sleep to be in a state of bodily rest that is characterized by full or partial loss of consciousness and a slowing of bodily functions. [9 definitions]
sleeper a person or thing that sleeps. [3 definitions]
sleeping the state or condition of being asleep. [4 definitions]
sleeping bag a large, usu. zippered bag that is warmly lined, in which a person can sleep outdoors.
sleeping car a railroad car that is equipped with sleeping accommodations.