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slider someone or something that slides. [2 definitions]
slide rule a calculation device, consisting of a ruler with a sliding middle piece, both sides and the middle piece being marked with different number scales.
slideshow a series of photographic transparencies projected onto a screen or wall. [2 definitions]
slide trombone a trombone equipped with a slide, or movable section of tube, which is pushed back and forth to produce different tones.
sliding scale a scale or standard of costs, wages, fees, or the like that varies according to other factors such as cost of living, level of income, or prices.
slier a comparative of "sly."
sliest a superlative of "sly."
slight small in amount or degree. [8 definitions]
slighting constituting a slight or an act of discourtesy.
slightly to a small degree or by a small amount; a little. [2 definitions]
slim attractively thin in form; slender. [3 definitions]
slime an offensive slippery liquid, such as thin, viscous mud or the skin secretions of fish. [2 definitions]
slime mold any of various funguslike organisms characterized by a noncellular, motile phase and a propagative, spore-bearing phase.
slimy consisting of or like slime. [3 definitions]
sling1 a broad piece of cloth that is tied around the neck to support an injured arm or hand. [5 definitions]
sling2 a sweet alcoholic drink that is flavored with lemon or lime and usu. made with gin.
slingshot a small hand-held weapon consisting of an elastic strap attached to a Y-shaped stick, used to shoot stones and the like.
slink to move as if afraid or ashamed; go quietly so as to avoid attention.
slinky moving quietly, fearfully, or guiltily; furtive. [2 definitions]
slip1 to move smoothly or with ease. [17 definitions]
slip2 a cutting from a plant, intended for propagation. [4 definitions]