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slouch to sit, stand, or move with a bent, careless posture. [4 definitions]
slouch hat a soft hat having a wide, flexible brim.
slouchy of, relating to, or designating a slouch or one that slouches.
slough1 a swampy or marshlike hollow or region. [2 definitions]
slough2 cast-off dead tissue, such as the outer skin shed by a snake. [4 definitions]
Slovak a native or inhabitant of the Slovak Republic, or a descendant thereof; Slovakian. [3 definitions]
Slovakia the Slovak Republic; formerly a region in eastern Czechoslovakia.
Slovak Republic since 1993, a Central European republic bordered by the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary; formerly part of Czechoslovakia; Slovakia.
sloven someone who is disorderly, negligent, or unclean.
Slovene of or pertaining to Slovenia or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Slovenia since 1992, a Balkan republic bordering Italy and Austria; formerly part of Yugoslavia.
slovenly careless or disgustingly dirty. [2 definitions]
slow not moving or able to move rapidly or fast. [10 definitions]
slowdown a reduction in speed or production, esp. by workers as a form of protest.
slow down to proceed, move, or operate more slowly or calmly than before. [2 definitions]
slowly in a slow manner; not quickly.
slow-motion of or pertaining to a method of making or playing films or video tapes in which the projected action is or appears to be slower than the original action. [2 definitions]
slow motion movement that is slower than normal. [2 definitions]
slow pitch a kind of softball in which the ball must be pitched in an arc from three to ten feet high.
slowpoke (informal) one that acts, works, or goes slowly.
slow time (informal) standard time, as opposed to daylight saving time.