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slug1 any of various small, slimy land animals related to the snail but having no shell. [5 definitions]
slug2 (informal) to hit heavily, esp. with a clenched fist. [2 definitions]
slugabed someone who is lazy, esp. one who stays in bed longer than necessary.
slugfest (informal) a fight or boxing match characterized by the exchange of many or heavy punches. [2 definitions]
sluggard one who is lazy. [2 definitions]
slugging average in baseball, a number indicating a player's average effectiveness in making extra-base hits.
sluggish moving slowly. [3 definitions]
sluice a man-made channel, fitted with a control gate, through which water flows. [7 definitions]
sluiceway a man-made channel that controls the flow of water.
slum (often pl.) a crowded, dilapidated area of a city where poor people live in substandard housing. [2 definitions]
slumber to sleep, esp. lightly. [5 definitions]
slumberous of, pertaining to, or resembling a light sleep. [3 definitions]
slumber party an overnight party, usu. for teen-aged girls, in which the participants stay up most of the night.
slumgullion (informal) a thin stew, usu. made with meat and vegetables.
slumlord an owner of shabby rental property who charges high rents and allows the buildings to deteriorate.
slump to sink down or fall with all one's weight. [6 definitions]
slung past tense and past participle of sling1.
slunk a past tense and the past participle of slink.
slur to speak of disparagingly; belittle. [8 definitions]
slurp to make loud noises with the mouth while eating or drinking. [2 definitions]
slurry a thin suspension of an insoluble substance, such as clay, in water or another liquid.