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smoke bomb a bomb that produces dense clouds of smoke upon detonation.
smoke detector a warning device that emits a loud signal when it detects the presence of smoke or heat.
smoked salmon salmon, usu. brine-cured, that has been smoked in preparation for consumption.
smokehouse a place, esp. an outbuilding on a farm, where meat or fish is cured with smoke.
smokeless having, making, or releasing little or no smoke.
smoke out to force out of a refuge by, or as if by, overwhelming with smoke. [2 definitions]
smoker someone or something that smokes, esp. one who frequently smokes tobacco. [3 definitions]
smoke screen a cloud of smoke used to hide military areas or operations from an enemy. [2 definitions]
smokestack a chimney or pipe that is used to carry off smoke produced by burning substances in a factory, ship, or the like.
smoking gun something that serves as indisputable evidence, esp. of a crime.
smoking jacket a man's lounging jacket, often made of fine fabric, and worn at home.
smoky emitting smoke, esp. in large amounts, as a smoldering fire. [5 definitions]
smolder to burn slowly and with smoke, but little or no flame. [4 definitions]
smolt a young salmon that has developed enough to migrate from fresh water to the sea.
smooch (informal) to kiss. [2 definitions]
smooth free of roughness; even. [14 definitions]
smoothbore of a firearm, having a barrel with no grooves or ridges on the inner surface; not rifled. [2 definitions]
smoothen to make or become smooth.
smoothie a thick drink made in a blender using, typically, a mixture of fruit combined with ice, milk, or other liquid. [2 definitions]
smooth muscle the smooth, involuntary muscle tissue found in the internal organs and blood vessels, excluding the heart.
smooth-shaven without a beard or mustache; clean-shaven.