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soggy completely wet; heavy with moisture; saturated; sodden. [2 definitions]
soi-disant (French) characterizing or titling oneself thus; so-called.
soigné having elegance; fashionable. [2 definitions]
soil1 the uppermost layer of the earth's surface. [4 definitions]
soil2 to make unclean; dirty. [6 definitions]
soil conservation a method, such as crop rotation or contour farming, to protect fertile topsoil from erosion or other damage.
soil pipe a drainpipe that carries off waste matter, esp. from a toilet.
soiree a party or social gathering held in the evening.
sojourn to live for a short time in a place; stay temporarily. [2 definitions]
Sojourner Truth American evangelist, abolitionist, orator, and women's rights activist. An African American woman, Sojourner Truth had been enslaved before going on to become an evangelist as well as a moving and persuasive speaker on the subject of racial and gender equality; born Isabella Baumfree (b. 1797?--d. 1883).
Sol in Roman mythology, the god of the sun; Helios. [2 definitions]
sol1 in music, the syllable that denotes the fifth tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
sol2 a coin and monetary unit of France prior to the French Revolution, worth one-twentieth of a livre or twelve deniers.
sol3 the smaller monetary unit of Peru. (Cf. inti.)
sol4 a colloid that has the properties of a liquid. (Cf. gel.)
solace comfort or consolation in times of sorrow or suffering. [3 definitions]
solanum any of the vines, trees, and other plants of the nightshade family.
solar of, relating to, or derived from the sun. [4 definitions]
solar battery a system of photovoltaic cells that converts solar energy into electricity.
solar cell see photovoltaic cell.
solar constant the average rate, per specified unit of area, at which the earth receives radiant energy.