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solid having or pertaining to a three-dimensional form. [14 definitions]
solid angle an angle formed by three or more planes intersecting in a common point, or formed at the peak of a cone.
solidarity a feeling or condition of unity based on common goals, interests, and sympathies among a group's members.
solid fuel any of various rocket propellants, combining fuel and oxidizer in a solid storable mass.
solid geometry the branch of geometry dealing with three-dimensional figures and surfaces.
solidify to make firm, hard, or solid. [4 definitions]
solidity the state or quality of being solid or firm; firmness, hardness, or substantiality. [2 definitions]
solid rocket any rocket that uses solid fuel.
Solid South formerly, in the United States, the southern states traditionally regarded as solidly supporting the Democratic Party.
solid-state being or using a technology that employs semiconductors and transistors to control the performance of electrical devices. [2 definitions]
solidus a gold coin in circulation during the periods of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. [2 definitions]
soliloquize to speak aloud what is in one's mind when, or as if when, no one is present or listening.
soliloquy an act of talking or a speech by one who is, or is considered to be, alone.
solipsism in philosophy, the theory that the self is the only verifiable reality. [2 definitions]
solitaire any of various card games for one person. [2 definitions]
solitary being, traveling, or living without others; alone; unaccompanied. [6 definitions]
solitary confinement the confinement of a prisoner in complete isolation from others, usu. used as a form of punishment.
soliton in physics, a solitary wave, or a solution to a type of equation that represents such a wave.
solitude the condition of living or being by oneself; isolation. [3 definitions]
solmization the act, process, or system of using syllables to represent the different notes of the musical scale, often as a teaching aid.
solo a performance by one featured performer. [6 definitions]