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solidus a gold coin in circulation during the periods of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. [2 definitions]
soliloquize to speak aloud what is in one's mind when, or as if when, no one is present or listening.
soliloquy an act of talking or a speech by one who is, or is considered to be, alone.
solipsism in philosophy, the theory that the self is the only verifiable reality. [2 definitions]
solitaire any of various card games for one person. [2 definitions]
solitary being, traveling, or living without others; alone; unaccompanied. [6 definitions]
solitary confinement the confinement of a prisoner in complete isolation from others, usu. used as a form of punishment.
soliton in physics, a solitary wave, or a solution to a type of equation that represents such a wave.
solitude the condition of living or being by oneself; isolation. [3 definitions]
solmization the act, process, or system of using syllables to represent the different notes of the musical scale, often as a teaching aid.
solo a performance by one featured performer. [6 definitions]
soloist a person who performs a solo.
Solo man a type of early human known from fossil skull remains found in Java, esp. near the Solo River.
Solomon according to the Old Testament, the third king of Israel, who reigned in the tenth century B.C., was renowned for his wisdom, and built the first temple in Jerusalem.
Solomon Islands an island country in the southwestern Pacific, east of New Guinea. [2 definitions]
Solomon's seal a mystic symbol consisting of two equilateral triangles interlaced so as to form a hexagram. [2 definitions]
Solon an Athenian statesman and lawgiver (638?-559? B.C.).
solon a wise person who makes laws; honorable legislator.
so long (informal) good-bye; farewell.
solstice either of the two times in the year when the sun is furthest from the celestial equator, occurring in June and December.
solubility the quality or extent of being soluble; ability to be dissolved. [2 definitions]