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soma2 an intoxicating plant juice, or a drink made with this juice. [2 definitions]
Somali a native or citizen of Somalia or adjacent regions, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
Somalia an East African country on the Indian Ocean, bordering on Ethiopia and Kenya.
somatic of or pertaining to the body itself; corporeal. [2 definitions]
somatic cell any of an organism's cells that contribute to the formation of the body, being differentiated into the various tissues and organs, except for germ cells.
somatology the branch of anthropology dealing with humans' physical characteristics.
somatomedin any of various hormones of the liver that influence the activity of other hormones.
somatoplasm all body cells other than germ cells, or the protoplasm of such a body cell.
somatostatin a hormone produced in the pancreas and brain, or made synthetically, that inhibits the release of somatotropin and insulin, and is used to treat diabetes.
somatotropin a growth hormone in humans.
somatotype the physique or body type of a human.
somber of a dark shade or condition. [2 definitions]
sombrero a wide-brimmed straw or felt hat with a high crown, worn esp. in Mexico.
-some1 marked by (such) a condition, quality, thing, or action.
-some2 a group that has (such) a number of members.
some being an unspecified number or amount. [7 definitions]
somebody an unspecified person; someone. [2 definitions]
someday at some time in the future.
somehow in a way not known or obvious.
somen thin, delicate Japanese noodles, usually eaten cold. [2 definitions]
someone one who has not been identified or who is unknown; somebody.