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someday at some time in the future.
somehow in a way not known or obvious.
somen thin, delicate Japanese noodles, usually eaten cold. [2 definitions]
someone one who has not been identified or who is unknown; somebody.
someplace in, to, or at some unspecified location; somewhere.
somersault an acrobatic movement in which the body, in a tucked position, performs a full revolution either forward or backward. [2 definitions]
something an undetermined or unspecified thing. [3 definitions]
sometime at some indefinite or unspecified time. [3 definitions]
sometimes now and then; occasionally.
someway in some way; somehow.
somewhat in some measure, degree, or proportion; rather.
somewhere at, to, or in an unspecified place or position. [5 definitions]
sommelier the waiter in charge of the wines in a restaurant or club; wine steward.
somnambulate to arise and walk in a trancelike state while sleeping; sleepwalk.
somnambulism walking about, and sometimes doing other things, while asleep; sleepwalking.
somniferous inducing sleep or drowsiness.
somniloquy the act or habit of talking in one's sleep.
somnolent sleepy or drowsy. [2 definitions]
son a person's male offspring, either natural or adopted. [4 definitions]
sonant having or producing sound. [4 definitions]
sonar a method for locating objects such as submarines underwater by means of transmitted and reflected sound waves (acronym for "sound navigation and ranging"). [2 definitions]