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sonar a method for locating objects such as submarines underwater by means of transmitted and reflected sound waves (acronym for "sound navigation and ranging"). [2 definitions]
sonata a musical composition for one or more instruments, such as the piano or violin, usu. having several movements that contrast in tempo and mood.
sonata form a three-part musical form containing an exposition, the development, and a recapitulation, often concluded by a coda.
sonatina a sonata with short or simplified movements.
sonde any of various devices, esp. a radiosonde, sent aloft by rocket or balloon to measure atmospheric conditions.
sone a unit of loudness equal to the loudness of a sound of one kilohertz at forty decibels above the threshold of hearing of a listener.
son et lumière a dramatic presentation, or the technique of such, using special lighting effects and live or recorded narration or music, often presented at a historic site.
song a brief musical composition that is either intended to be sung or is able to be adapted for singing. [4 definitions]
song and dance (informal) an effort to persuade, mislead, or deceive by an elaborate or irrelevant explanation or story. [2 definitions]
songbird a bird that has a pleasant-sounding song or call. [2 definitions]
songfest an informal gathering for singing, often of folk songs; sing-along.
songless combined form of song.
Song of Solomon a book of the Old Testament, once attributed to King Solomon, that contains a collection of dramatic and lyrical love poems and has been the subject of many allegorical interpretations; Song of Songs; Canticle of Canticles.
songsmith (informal) a songwriter.
song sparrow a common North American songbird with streaked brownish plumage.
songster one who sings; singer. [2 definitions]
song thrush a common Eurasian songbird with brown upper plumage and a white, brown-spotted breast.
songwriter one who composes the lyrics, the music, or both for songs, esp. popular songs.
songwriting the act or process of composing the lyrics, the music, or both for songs.
sonic of or related to audible sound or sound waves. [2 definitions]
sonic barrier the large increase in aerodynamic resistance experienced by aircraft approaching the speed of sound; sound barrier.