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soprano the singing voice or part with the highest range. [4 definitions]
sora a small North American marsh bird with a short bill and gray-brown plumage.
sorbet a frozen dessert similar to a frappé; sherbet.
sorbic acid a white crystalline solid, found in the berries of the mountain ash or synthesized, used as a food preservative and fungicide and in drying oils.
sorbitol a sweet white crystalline alcohol, found in certain berries and fruits, used as a moistener in lotions and creams and as a sweetener.
Sorbonne the University of Paris, esp. the college of arts and sciences.
sorcerer one who is believed to have supernatural powers, aided by evil spirits; wizard.
sorceress a woman who is believed to have supernatural powers, aided by evil spirits.
sorcery the use of powers gained from evil spirits to do magic, cast spells, or the like; witchcraft.
sordid dirty, filthy, or foul, esp. from neglect or poverty; squalid; wretched. [3 definitions]
sore physically painful, as a wound or bruise. [7 definitions]
sorehead (informal) a person who becomes angry easily, esp. as a result of losing at some competitive activity.
sorely painfully or grievously. [2 definitions]
sorghum any of various tropical grasses that have leaves resembling those of corn and a dense cluster of grain atop a tall stem, esp. one widely cultivated for its grain, for forage, or as a source of syrup. [2 definitions]
sororal of, concerning, or characteristic of a sister; sisterly.
sorority a social club or organization of girls or women, esp. one at a college.
sorrel1 a light brown or reddish brown color. [2 definitions]
sorrel2 any of various plants that have sharp-tasting leaves sometimes used in salad, soup, or the like. [2 definitions]
sorrow the suffering or distress resulting from an injury, loss, misfortune, or the like; grief; sadness. [4 definitions]
sorrowful experiencing sorrow; sad. [3 definitions]
sorry feeling regret, pity, sympathy, or the like. [5 definitions]