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soulless having no soul. [2 definitions]
soul mate a person, usu. of the opposite sex, with whom one has a strong intimate attachment based on shared interests, values, and the like.
soul music a type of music combining elements of black gospel and rhythm-and-blues.
soul-searching the act or process of subjecting one's actions, motives, or moral character to close, thorough examination.
sound1 the sensation that results when the organs of hearing are stimulated by certain vibrations. [11 definitions]
sound2 free of defect, decay, or injury; healthy or in good condition. [6 definitions]
sound3 to measure the depth of (water), as with a weighted line. [6 definitions]
sound4 a body of water situated between two larger bodies of water or between an island and the mainland. [2 definitions]
sound barrier a hypothetical barrier to aircraft as they approach the speed of sound, suggested by the abrupt increase in aerodynamic drag near that velocity; sonic barrier.
sound bite a very brief statement taken from a video or audio tape for inclusion in a television newscast.
soundbox the hollow main body of a stringed instrument such as a guitar or violin.
sound effects artificially produced sounds, as of thunder, traffic, or animal noise, for theater, radio, film, or television.
sounder1 a person or thing that makes sounds.
sounder2 a person or thing that measures water depth.
sounding1 producing or emitting sound. [2 definitions]
sounding2 (often pl.) the act of measuring the depth of water.
sounding board a thin board that forms part of the resonant chamber of a musical instrument such as a piano, and that enhances its tone. [3 definitions]
soundless1 silent; quiet.
soundless2 extremely deep, as water; unfathomable.
sound out to try to read a word by saying the sound of each of its letters.
soundproof not able to be penetrated by most ordinary audible sounds. [2 definitions]