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soundbox the hollow main body of a stringed instrument such as a guitar or violin.
sound effects artificially produced sounds, as of thunder, traffic, or animal noise, for theater, radio, film, or television.
sounder1 a person or thing that makes sounds.
sounder2 a person or thing that measures water depth.
sounding1 producing or emitting sound. [2 definitions]
sounding2 (often pl.) the act of measuring the depth of water.
sounding board a thin board that forms part of the resonant chamber of a musical instrument such as a piano, and that enhances its tone. [3 definitions]
soundless1 silent; quiet.
soundless2 extremely deep, as water; unfathomable.
sound out to try to read a word by saying the sound of each of its letters.
soundproof not able to be penetrated by most ordinary audible sounds. [2 definitions]
sound spectrogram a graphic representation of a sound's frequency, period, and intensity.
sound spectrograph an instrument that produces sound spectrograms.
soundtrack the narrow strip on motion-picture film that carries the sound recording. [2 definitions]
sound wave a longitudinal pressure wave in an elastic medium such as air, esp. one that is in an audible range.
soup a liquid food usu. consisting of small pieces of vegetables, meat, fish, or the like cooked in stock or water. [2 definitions]
soupçon a slight amount; trace.
soup du jour in a restaurant, the featured, or sometimes the only, soup served on a particular day.
soup kitchen a place where food such as soup is distributed for little or no charge to needy people.
soupspoon a spoon with a large bowl, used for eating soup.
soupy resembling or suggesting soup, esp. in texture or thinness; watery. [2 definitions]