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South African Dutch the descendants of the Dutch colonists in South Africa; Boers. [2 definitions]
South America a continent in the southern part of the Western Hemisphere, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
South American of or having to do with South America, or its people or languages. [2 definitions]
southbound going toward the south.
South Carolina a southeastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast, between North Carolina and Georgia. (abbr.: SC)
South China Sea an extension of the Pacific Ocean between Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China.
South Dakota a midwestern U.S. state between North Dakota and Nebraska. (abbr.: SD)
southeast a point on the compass halfway between south and east. [4 definitions]
Southeast Asia a region of Asia consisting of the countries of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, East Timor, and the Philippines.
southeaster a strong wind or storm from the southeast.
southeasterly of, in, or toward the southeast. [2 definitions]
southeastern located in, coming from, or characteristic of the southeast.
southeasterner a person born or living in a southeastern region.
southeastward toward the southeast. [3 definitions]
southeastwardly toward the southeast. [2 definitions]
souther a sudden storm or gale from the south.
southerly of, related to, or toward the south. [3 definitions]
southern situated in, directed towards, coming from, or relating to the south.
Southern Cross a circumpolar constellation in the southern sky, located within the Milky Way and containing two bright stars.
southerner (often cap.) a native or inhabitant of a southern area or region.
Southern Hemisphere the half of the earth that is south of the equator.