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South Seas the South Pacific. [2 definitions]
south-southeast a point on the compass halfway between south and southeast. [2 definitions]
south-southwest a point on the compass halfway between south and southwest. [2 definitions]
South Sudan a country in east-central Africa, formerly part of Sudan.
South Vietnam a former Southeast Asian country that occupied the southern part of Vietnam and was absorbed in the reunified Vietnam in 1975.
southward toward the south. [3 definitions]
southwardly toward the south. [2 definitions]
southwest a point on the compass halfway between south and west. [6 definitions]
South-West Africa see Namibia.
southwester a strong wind or storm from the southwest. [3 definitions]
southwesterly of, in, or toward the southwest. [2 definitions]
southwestern located in, coming from, or characteristic of the southwest.
southwesterner a person born or living in a southwestern region.
southwestward toward the southwest. [3 definitions]
southwestwardly toward the southwest. [2 definitions]
souvenir something kept as a reminder of a place, event, friendship, or the like; memento.
sou'wester a strong wind or storm from the southwest; southwester.
sovereign a monarch or other royal ruler. [5 definitions]
sovereign immunity a doctrine stating that the government is immune from any civil or criminal prosecutions other than those to which it consents.
sovereignty supreme power or authority, esp. over a state or other political body. [3 definitions]
soviet a popularly elected national, regional, and local legislative body in the former Soviet Union. [4 definitions]