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sow2 a mature female pig or hog.
sowbelly see "salt pork."
sow bug any of several small terrestrial, oval, segmented isopods, often found under logs or stones; wood louse.
so what? who cares?; what difference does it make?
sow one's wild oats to indulge in unrestrained behavior such as excessive drinking, gambling, or sex, esp. at a time assumed to be one's last opportunity to do so.
sox a plural form of sock1.
soy see "soy sauce." [2 definitions]
soybean a plant of the legume family that is widely grown for its nutritious seeds, for soil improvement, and as food for livestock. [2 definitions]
soy milk a beverage made from ground, cooked soy beans consumed in ways similar to cow's milk.
soy sauce a thin, dark, salty sauce made from fermented soybeans and used esp. in Chinese and Japanese cooking.
SP abbreviation of "Shore Patrol," those members of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, or Marines that are designated as military police on shore.
sp. abbreviation of "spelling," the way one or more words are spelled; orthography.
spa a mineral spring. [3 definitions]
space the three-dimensional expanse that contains the earth and everything beyond it. [12 definitions]
Space Age (often l.c.) the period characterized by the exploration of space by manned and unmanned spacecraft, regarded as having begun on October 4, 1957, with the launching of the first sputnik.
space bar a horizontal bar on a keyboard, as of a typewriter, that produces a blank space rather than a character.
spacecraft a vehicle designed to travel in outer space, beyond the earth's atmosphere.
spaced-out (slang) disoriented from or as if from using a drug; spacey. [2 definitions]
spaceflight the action or an instance of a flight beyond the earth's atmosphere.
space heater a small heating device designed to warm the air of a small confined area.
spaceless having no limits; unbounded. [2 definitions]