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sparrow hawk a small North American falcon; kestrel. [2 definitions]
sparse thinly scattered; not thick or dense; scanty.
Sparta a dominant city in the southern part of ancient Greece.
Spartan of or pertaining to ancient Sparta or its people, culture, or the like. [5 definitions]
spar varnish a hard waterproof varnish.
spasm a sudden uncontrolled contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. [2 definitions]
spasmodic concerning, resembling, or marked by a spasm or spasms; convulsive. [2 definitions]
spastic of, relating to, or afflicted by spasms.
spasticity a condition of sudden and uncontrolled contraction of a muscle or group of muscles.
spastic paralysis a condition in which certain muscles remain in a state of continuous contraction, causing rigidity of moving parts and exaggerated tendon reflexes.
spat1 a short, insignificant quarrel. [4 definitions]
spat2 a past tense and past participle of spit1.
spat3 (often pl.) a short cloth or leather covering worn over the top of the shoe and around the ankle, and usu. fastened with a strap under the shoe; gaiter.
spat4 a young oyster or other shellfish.
spate a sudden rush, outpouring, or flood. [2 definitions]
spathe a leaflike structure, often large and colorful, that surrounds or spreads out from the spadix or flower spike of certain plants.
spatial of, relating to, or occurring in space.
spatter to scatter (a liquid) in small bits, drops, or splashes. [7 definitions]
spatterdash a long legging or gaiter, formerly worn by men in wet weather to protect their trouser legs and stockings.
spatula a cooking utensil or tool that has a wide, flat, usu. flexible blade, used esp. for spreading, mixing, or lifting.
spatulate flattened and rounded at or near the extreme end.