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spatulate flattened and rounded at or near the extreme end.
spavin a disease affecting the hock joint of horses, characterized by swelling caused by excess fluid or bony growth. [2 definitions]
spavined afflicted by spavin. [2 definitions]
spawn the mass of eggs deposited by fish, frogs, or other aquatic animals. [8 definitions]
spay to remove the ovaries from (a female animal).
SPCA abbreviation of "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."
speak to utter words in one's usual voice; talk. [8 definitions]
speakable combined form of speak.
speakeasy a bar or nightclub where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally, as during Prohibition in the United States.
speaker one who speaks. [4 definitions]
Speaker of the House the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.
speaking the act of uttering words or communicating vocally. [4 definitions]
speaking in tongues an ecstatic utterance of largely unintelligible speechlike sounds that is viewed, esp. among Pentecostal groups, as a manifestation of profound religious experience; gift of tongues; glossolalia.
speak one's mind to express a personal opinion, esp. with directness.
speak out to state your opinion in public.
speak up to talk louder.
spear1 a weapon with a long wooden shaft and a sharp pointed tip, usu. thrown or thrust overhand, and used in warfare, hunting, or fishing. [5 definitions]
spear2 a pointed sprout or shoot of a plant.
spearhead the pointed, usu. metal head of a spear. [3 definitions]
spearman a warrior who is armed with, or a man who uses, a spear.
spearmint a common cultivated mint that yields an aromatic oil used for flavoring, as in candy and chewing gum.