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specification the act of specifying. [3 definitions]
specific gravity the ratio of the weight or mass of a given substance to that of a standard, which for solids and liquids is water and for gases is hydrogen or air.
specificity the condition or quality of being specific. [2 definitions]
specify to name or otherwise indicate explicitly. [4 definitions]
specimen a portion or example that is representative of a larger whole. [2 definitions]
specious apparently true, genuine, or plausible, but actually worthless, as an argument or evidence. [2 definitions]
speck a small spot, blemish, or discoloration. [4 definitions]
speckle a speck or small mark, esp. on skin, feathers, leaves, or the like. [3 definitions]
speckled trout the brook trout, or the sea trout.
specs (informal) specifications. [2 definitions]
spectacle a visible, usu. impressive thing or action, esp. a public performance or display. [3 definitions]
spectacular of, pertaining to, or like a spectacle; impressive; marvelous. [3 definitions]
spectator one that watches or observes. [2 definitions]
specter a ghost or apparition, esp. one that causes dread or terror. [2 definitions]
spectra a plural form of spectrum.
spectral of, pertaining to, or like a specter. [2 definitions]
spectro- spectrum.
spectrogram a graphic representation or photograph of a spectrum.
spectrograph a spectroscope equipped to make a photograph or graphic representation of a spectrum.
spectroheliograph a device that is used to make photographs of the sun, using a single light from the spectrum, such as violet.
spectrometer a spectroscope equipped to measure wavelengths and the positions and angles of lines in a spectrum.