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speedy characterized by swift movement or rapidity of accomplishment.
speleology the scientific exploration, examination, and study of caves.
spell1 to name or write the letters of (a word) in order. [4 definitions]
spell2 a word, phrase, or the like used to bewitch or enchant; charm; incantation. [3 definitions]
spell3 a brief, undefined period or interval of time. [4 definitions]
spellbind to hold fascinated, as though under a spell; enchant.
spellbinder someone or something that holds attention as if by a spell, such as a compelling orator or entertainer, or a fascinating book.
spellbound held in fascinated attention, as if by a spell.
spell check a computer program that checks the spelling in a document. [2 definitions]
spelldown see spelling bee.
speller a person who spells words. [2 definitions]
spelling the way one or more words are spelled; orthography. [2 definitions]
spelling bee a spelling competition, esp. one in which any contestant who misspells a word is eliminated.
spell out to describe or explain in detail, so as to make unmistakably clear. [2 definitions]
spelt1 a past tense and past participle of spell1.
spelt2 a hardy wheat grown in Europe and western Asia and used esp. for livestock feed.
spelunk to explore or investigate caves.
spelunker one who explores caves as a hobby or studies them as a profession.
spend to disburse (money or other resources). [4 definitions]
spendable available to be spent.
spender one who spends, esp. one known to spend large sums of money.