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spending money cash for small personal expenses.
spendthrift one who is extravagant or wasteful with money; squanderer. [2 definitions]
spent past tense and past participle of spend. [3 definitions]
-sperm seed.
sperm1 a male animal's reproductive cell; spermatozoon. [2 definitions]
sperm2 a white waxy solid obtained from the oil of the sperm whale's head, and used in cosmetics, ointments, and candles; spermaceti. [2 definitions]
spermaceti a white waxy substance obtained from oil in the head of a sperm whale, used in candles, cosmetics, and ointments.
-spermal see -spermous.
spermatic of, pertaining to, or like sperm or sperm cells; seminal. [2 definitions]
spermato- seed; sperm.
spermatophyte any plant that bears seeds.
spermatozoon an animal's mature male reproductive cell, usu. propelled by a moving tail.
sperm oil a lubricating oil that is obtained from sperm whales.
-spermous having (such or so many) seeds; -spermal.
sperm whale a large, toothed whale with a huge, squarish head from which sperm oil and spermaceti are obtained.
spew to spurt out (food brought up from the stomach); vomit. [5 definitions]
sphagnum any of several related soft, pale mosses obtained chiefly from bogs as peat, and often used for potting plants.
sphalerite an ore, usu. brown, from which zinc is extracted; zinc sulfide.
sphenoid of or relating to the sphenoid bone. [3 definitions]
sphenoid bone see sphenoid.
-sphere something related to or resembling a sphere. [2 definitions]