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sphagnum any of several related soft, pale mosses obtained chiefly from bogs as peat, and often used for potting plants.
sphalerite an ore, usu. brown, from which zinc is extracted; zinc sulfide.
sphenoid of or relating to the sphenoid bone. [3 definitions]
sphenoid bone see sphenoid.
-sphere something related to or resembling a sphere. [2 definitions]
sphere a round, three-dimensional geometric figure in which every point on the surface is an equal distance from the center. [6 definitions]
sphere of influence foreign territory over which a state or nation exerts cultural, political, economic, or military authority. [3 definitions]
spherical having or nearly having the shape of a sphere; rounded; globular. [3 definitions]
spheroid a flattened sphere created by revolving an ellipse about one of its axes.
sphincter a circular band of muscle that surrounds a body opening or passage and can constrict or close it.
sphinx in Egyptian mythology, a creature with a lion's body and the head of a human or animal. [4 definitions]
sphygmomanometer an instrument that measures blood pressure in the arteries.
spic (offensive slang) a person of Hispanic descent.
Spica a blue-white star in the constellation Virgo, having a magnitude of 1.0.
spic-and-span variant of spick-and-span.
spicate having spikes, esp. a plant. [3 definitions]
spice any of various edible vegetable substances with a distinctive aroma or taste, such as pepper or ginger, that are used to flavor or preserve food and drink. [5 definitions]
spicebush an aromatic yellow-flowered laurel of eastern North America that produces a red fruit that was formerly dried and used as a spice. [2 definitions]
spiceless combined form of spice.
spick-and-span perfectly clean and tidy. [2 definitions]
spicule a small needlelike body, part, or projection, such as one of the hard processes forming the skeletal elements of invertebrates such as sponges.