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sphygmomanometer an instrument that measures blood pressure in the arteries.
spic (offensive slang) a person of Hispanic descent.
Spica a blue-white star in the constellation Virgo, having a magnitude of 1.0.
spic-and-span variant of spick-and-span.
spicate having spikes, esp. a plant. [3 definitions]
spice any of various edible vegetable substances with a distinctive aroma or taste, such as pepper or ginger, that are used to flavor or preserve food and drink. [5 definitions]
spicebush an aromatic yellow-flowered laurel of eastern North America that produces a red fruit that was formerly dried and used as a spice. [2 definitions]
spiceless combined form of spice.
spick-and-span perfectly clean and tidy. [2 definitions]
spicule a small needlelike body, part, or projection, such as one of the hard processes forming the skeletal elements of invertebrates such as sponges.
spicy containing strong spices, as food. [3 definitions]
spider any of various eight-legged invertebrates, related to mites and ticks, that typically spin webs in which to nest and catch their prey.
spider monkey any of several tropical American monkeys that have long spidery limbs, rudimentary or no thumbs, and a long prehensile tail.
spider plant a plant of the lily family, with long, narrow, sometimes white-streaked leaves, commonly grown as a houseplant.
spider web a web constructed by spiders to trap prey, made from very fine filaments of silk secreted from their abdomens.
spiderwort any of various fleshy herbs that have grasslike leaves and bear showy three-petaled blue, purple, or pink flowers.
spidery like a spider, esp. in having long thin legs. [2 definitions]
spiel (informal) a usu. rehearsed talk or speech that is used to sell, persuade, or amuse.
spigot a device used to regulate the flow of liquid from a pipe or other opening; tap; faucet. [2 definitions]
spike1 an object similar in appearance and function to a nail, but longer and thicker, used to fasten or secure heavy timbers, railroad tracks, or the like. [9 definitions]
spike2 an ear of grain such as wheat. [2 definitions]