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spindly long or tall, slender, and usu. frail or weak-looking.
spin doctor (slang) a representative, esp. of a politician, who gives a favorable interpretation for utterances and decisions.
spindrift spray blown from waves by the wind.
spine the backbone in vertebrates; spinal column. [4 definitions]
spinel any of a group of hard, crystalline mineral oxides containing magnesium and aluminum, the red variety of which is used as a gem.
spineless having no courage, conviction, or will power; irresolute. [3 definitions]
spinet a small, low, upright piano. [3 definitions]
spin kick a martial arts move in which a person jumps spinning into the air to deliver a kick.
spinless combined form of spin.
spinnaker a large, triangular, usu. brightly colored or striped sail set on a long spar and swung out opposite the mainsail when the wind is coming from behind the boat, used esp. in sailboat and yacht racing.
spinner a person or thing that spins. [4 definitions]
spinneret an organ in spiders and caterpillars that produces the silky thread for webs and cocoons. [2 definitions]
spinning the act or process of making thread or yarn from fibers or filaments. [2 definitions]
spinning jenny an early spinning machine equipped with several spindles for spinning a number of threads at the same time.
spinning wheel a simple machine for spinning thread or yarn that has a single spindle driven by a large wheel.
spin-off something that results from the production or operation of another thing. [2 definitions]
spin off of products, to come into being as the result of the creation of other products.
spinose bearing or covered with spines; spiny.
spinster a woman who has never married (sometimes used disparagingly).
spinto of a singer's voice, both lyric and dramatic.
spiny having or covered with spines or similar projections; thorny. [3 definitions]