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spirea any of several shrubs related to the roses and bearing small clusters of small pink or white flowers.
spirillum any of several spiral-shaped, aerobic bacteria having flagella, or any of various other related organisms.
spirit the vital force that is thought to be an element of human beings; soul. [11 definitions]
spirit away to remove secretly or mysteriously.
spirited full of vigor, courage, or enthusiasm.
spirit gum a special type of glue used in the theater to fasten false hair or whiskers to an actor's face.
spiritism spiritualism.
spiritless having no spirit. [2 definitions]
spirit level a device for determining a true horizontal or vertical plane, as in carpentry; level.
spiritous of, resembling, or containing alcohol; spirituous.
spirits a person's general feeling of emotion at a certain time.
spirits of ammonia a solution of ammonia in alcohol and water, often with other aromatic agents.
spiritual of, pertaining to, or made up of spirit, rather than the physical body or world. [7 definitions]
spiritualism the belief or theory that the dead can and do communicate with those still living, as through mediums. [3 definitions]
spiritualist a believer in spiritualism. [2 definitions]
spirituality the condition, quality, or fact of being spiritual. [2 definitions]
spiritualize to cause to be spiritual; purify. [2 definitions]
spirituel having or exhibiting a refined nature and, esp., a quick graceful wit or mind.
spirituous containing or having the nature of alcoholic spirits, esp. distilled liquors.
spiro- coil; spiral.
spirochete any of several bacteria with a thin, spiral shape, many of which cause diseases in humans and animals.