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splotchy marked with splotches.
splurge to spend money extravagantly or wastefully, esp. on oneself. [4 definitions]
splutter to speak rapidly and disjointedly, as in anger or confusion. [5 definitions]
spoil to ruin or detract from; make unusable or unsatisfactory. [5 definitions]
spoilable combined form of spoil.
spoilage the act of spoiling, or the condition of being spoiled. [2 definitions]
spoiled having a misguided sense that one is entitled to have one's desires and wishes gratified, resulting from overly indulgent treatment by parents or others. [2 definitions]
spoiler one that spoils. [3 definitions]
spoilsman a person who seeks or receives a share in political spoils, or who advocates the spoils system.
spoilsport a person who, by words or actions, spoils the pleasure of others.
spoils system the political practice, by the winning candidates or party in an election, of rewarding loyal or supportive persons with appointments to public office.
spoke1 past tense of speak.
spoke2 a rod or bar radiating from the center of a wheel and connected to the outer rim. [3 definitions]
spoken past participle of speak. [3 definitions]
spokeshave a cutting or planing tool consisting of a blade set between two handles, used to trim and smooth curved surfaces of wood.
spokesman a man who speaks for one or more other persons.
spokesperson a person who speaks for one or more others.
spokeswoman a woman who speaks for one or more other persons.
spoliation the act or practice of seizing others' goods, such as the plundering of neutral ships by the navy of a warring nation. [2 definitions]
spondee a metrical foot having two long and accented syllables.
spondylitis inflammation of one or more vertebrae.