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sponsor a person who assumes responsibility for someone or something. [5 definitions]
spontaneity an unforced, unplanned quality of behavior, or a willingness to behave in a way that is not thought out beforehand. [2 definitions]
spontaneous happening freely or done by impulse; not forced. [3 definitions]
spontaneous combustion the ignition of a substance or material, such as oily cloths or wet hay, caused by the rapid increase of heat from chemical reactions in the substance.
spontaneous generation the theory that living organisms can be created entirely from inanimate matter; abiogenesis.
spoof a humorous imitation; good-natured mocking; lampoon. [5 definitions]
spook (informal) a ghost; phantom. [4 definitions]
spooky eerie and mysterious; weirdly disturbing.
spool a cylindrical object, usu. with a rim on each end, on which thread, tape, wire, photographic film, or the like is wound. [3 definitions]
spoon a utensil with a small shallow bowl at the end of a handle, used for eating, stirring, serving, or measuring. [4 definitions]
spoonbill any of several large wading birds that have a long, flat, spoon-shaped bill. [2 definitions]
spoondrift spindrift.
spoonerism a usu. unintentional switching of the initial sounds of two or more words, such as "sped rot" for "red spot".
spoon-fed fed by a spoon, esp. with liquid or semiliquid food. [2 definitions]
spoon-feed to feed with a spoon, esp. with liquid or semiliquid food. [2 definitions]
spoonful the amount a spoon can hold.
spoor the track, trail, or droppings of a wild animal.
sporadic occurring irregularly or in a thinly scattered manner in time or space.
sporangium a plant cell or organ such as a sac or branch that produces spores; spore case.
spore a tiny reproductive body consisting of one or more cells, produced by ferns, fungi, and other organisms. [2 definitions]
spore case a sporangium.