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sporran a leather purse or pouch, often covered with fur, that is worn hanging in front of the kilt as part of the dress costume of Scottish Highlanders.
sport recreation, usually requiring skill and often vigorous physical activity. [10 definitions]
sporting active or interested in organized sports. [3 definitions]
sporting chance a fair or even chance for success in an endeavor or competition.
sporting goods items for sale that are related to sports and hunting.
sportive fun-loving; playful. [2 definitions]
sports of or pertaining to a sport or athletic event. [2 definitions]
sports car a small, low automobile suitable for racing, with a high-powered engine and usu. with seats for two.
sportscast a broadcast of a sports event or sports news on television or radio.
sportsman a man who engages in sports or outdoor pastimes, esp. hunting or fishing. [2 definitions]
sportsmanship the characteristics and conduct worthy of a sportsman.
sportswear clothes designed to be worn while engaged in sports, but often worn casually.
sportswoman a woman who participates in sports.
sportswriter a person who writes about sports, esp. for a newspaper or magazine.
sport-utility vehicle a passenger vehicle that combines the seating capacity of a large car or van with the power of a truck.
sporty jaunty or flashy; showy. [3 definitions]
sporule a small spore.
spot a mark, such as a stain, or something like a stain, that is different in color from the area surrounding it; blot. [13 definitions]
spot-check to check or inspect on a partial, usu. random, basis.
spot check an inspection carried out in an occasional, partial, or random fashion.
spotless completely without dirt, stain, or spots. [2 definitions]