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spotty marked or covered with spots. [2 definitions]
spot welding a process in which two pieces of metal are welded together with a brief powerful current passing between two electrodes fastened to each piece of metal.
spousal of or concerning a spouse.
spouse a husband or wife in a marriage.
spout to forcefully expel (a fluid or other substance), often in a continuous stream. [6 definitions]
SPQR abbreviation of "Senatus Populusque Romanus," (Latin) the Senate and People of Rome.
sprain to twist or overstrain (a body joint) so that ligaments are stretched or torn. [3 definitions]
sprang a past tense of spring.
sprat any of several small herrings.
sprawl to lie, sit, or fall with the arms and legs spread out loosely. [5 definitions]
spray1 water or another liquid flying or falling in fine droplets, as from the nozzle of a hose. [8 definitions]
spray2 a single shoot or branch that has leaves, flowers, or berries. [2 definitions]
spray can a can in which pressurized gas is used to eject the contents of the can as a spray.
spread to open, expand, or unfold. [18 definitions]
spreadable combined form of spread.
spread-eagle with the arms or wings and the legs outstretched. [3 definitions]
spreader one that spreads. [4 definitions]
spreadsheet a piece of paper or a computer application for recording numerical or other data using rows and columns. [2 definitions]
spree a happy, lively outing or other activity. [3 definitions]
sprier a comparative of "spry."
spriest a superlative of "spry."