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Springfield the capital of Illinois.
springhouse a small structure over a spring or stream, used for keeping milk, butter, and the like cool.
spring lock a lock in which a spring automatically shoots the bolt.
spring tide the tides that occur soon after the new or full moon and have the greatest rise and fall. (Cf. neap.) [2 definitions]
springtime the season of spring. [2 definitions]
springy having an elastic or flexible quality; resilient. [2 definitions]
sprinkle to scatter or drop (a substance) in droplets or small particles. [8 definitions]
sprinkler a device for sprinkling, esp. one for watering lawns, gardens, or crops. [2 definitions]
sprinkler system a system of sprinklers designed to put out fires in a building, usu. automatically. [2 definitions]
sprinkling a quantity that is sprinkled.
sprint to run or go at top speed, esp. for a relatively short distance. [4 definitions]
sprit a pole that extends diagonally from the base of a mast to the uppermost corner of a fore-and-aft sail.
sprite a small supernatural being; fairy, elf, or goblin. [2 definitions]
spritsail a sail that is extended by a sprit.
sprocket a wheel with toothlike points that fit into the links of a chain, as on a bicycle.
sprout to start to grow, as a shoot or bud. [6 definitions]
spruce1 any of various evergreen trees that have short, densely growing, needlelike leaves and bear hanging cones. [2 definitions]
spruce2 neat, stylish, or smartly dressed or groomed. [2 definitions]
sprung a past tense and past participle of spring.
spry agile and briskly energetic in motion; nimble.
spud a tool with a narrow spadelike head for digging up weeds or roots, or a similar tool for cutting holes in ice. [3 definitions]