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spud a tool with a narrow spadelike head for digging up weeds or roots, or a similar tool for cutting holes in ice. [3 definitions]
spume foam or froth. [2 definitions]
spumoni an Italian ice cream that contains chopped nuts and fruits and sometimes has layers of different colors and flavors.
spun past tense and past participle of spin. [2 definitions]
spun glass very thin fibers or threads of glass, used in a variety of products; fiberglass.
spunk courage, spirit, or determination. [2 definitions]
spunky courageous, spirited, or determined.
spur a device attached to a rider's boot heel that has a spike or toothed wheel and is used to urge the horse forward. [7 definitions]
spurge any of various mostly tropical plants that have bitter milky juice and bear small flowers without petals.
spur gear a gear wheel with teeth that are cut parallel to the axis of rotation.
spurious not genuine, authentic, or valid; false.
spurn to reject, refuse, or treat with scorn; disdain; despise. [3 definitions]
spurred having or wearing spurs.
spurt to rush or squirt out suddenly and forcefully, as liquid, steam, or the like; spout. [5 definitions]
sputnik any of several manufactured earth satellites launched by the former Soviet Union, esp. the first in 1957.
sputter to speak or exclaim rapidly and explosively, often emitting saliva or bits of food, as in anger or confusion. [4 definitions]
sputum material that is spat or coughed out, such as saliva or mucus.
spy a person employed by a nation's government to secretly observe and gather information about another nation's activities, plans, defenses, and the like. [6 definitions]
spyglass a small hand-held telescope.
sq. abbreviation of "square."
sq. ft. abbreviation of "square foot," or "square feet."