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squirt to expel fluid in a thin jet; spurt. [8 definitions]
squirt gun a water pistol.
squish to make a splashing or spluttering sound when squeezed or walked on, as mud. [2 definitions]
squishy soft, wet, and easily squashed. [2 definitions]
sq. yd. abbreviation of "square yard," or "square yards."
Sr symbol of the chemical element strontium.
Sr. abbreviation of "Senior." [3 definitions]
Sra. (Spanish) abbreviation of "Seņora," a title equivalent to "Mrs." or "Madam."
Sri Lanka an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of India.
SRO abbreviation of "standing room only."
Srta. (Spanish) abbreviation of "Seņorita," a title equivalent to "Miss."
SS abbreviation of "steamship," a large steam-powered ship; steamer (used in a proper name).
S.S. abbreviation of "Schutzstaffel" (German); an elite military corps in Germany that functioned as a special security police arm of the Nazi Party.
SSE abbreviation of "south-southeast," a point on the compass halfway between south and southeast.
SSN abbreviation of "Social Security Number," a number issued by the U.S. federal government to citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents of the United States for the purposes of tracking working individuals.
SSS abbreviation of "Selective Service System," a system of compulsory military service, or of selecting those who will serve therein.
SST abbreviation of "supersonic transport."
SSW abbreviation of "south-southwest," a point on the compass halfway between south and southwest.
-st variant of -est.
St.1 abbreviation of "Street," a public thoroughfare in a town or city (used as part of a proper name).
St.2 abbreviation of "Saint," one who has been formally recognized and entitled by the Roman Catholic Church as having lived a holy life; one who has been canonized.