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stable1 fixed, firm, or steady in position; not shaky or easily moved or overturned. [4 definitions]
stable2 a building, often containing stalls, where domestic animals, esp. horses or cows, are kept and fed. [3 definitions]
stable buck (outdated; now considered offensive) a black man who works in a stable.
stable hand a person who works in and around a stable.
stablemate a horse that is stabled with another.
staccato composed of abrupt, distinct notes, sounds, or parts, as a musical passage or a burst of gunfire. [6 definitions]
stack a large conical or rectangular heap of hay, straw, or grain. [9 definitions]
stackable combined form of stack.
stacked heel a shoe heel that is composed of several layers of material such as leather, often in alternating shades.
stackup a situation in which several airplanes must circle an airport at different altitudes while waiting to land.
stadium an enclosed, often roofless structure containing a sports field or arena and tiers of seats for spectators.
staff1 a pole or rod often used as an aid in walking or hiking; walking stick. [9 definitions]
staff2 a building material consisting of plaster and fiber used for ornamental design or as a temporary finish.
staffer a member of a staff.
staff officer a commissioned military officer who serves on a staff. [2 definitions]
staff of life bread, considered the most basic, necessary food.
staff sergeant in the U.S. military, a noncommissioned officer ranking above sergeant and, in the Army, below sergeant first class, in the Air Force, below technical sergeant, and in the Marine Corps, below gunnery sergeant.
stag a sexually mature male deer. [4 definitions]
stag beetle any of numerous large beetles, the males of which have long, antlerlike mandibles.
stage a raised platform; scaffold. [11 definitions]
stageable combined form of stage.