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stain a spot or discoloration caused by a foreign substance; tarnish. [9 definitions]
stainable combined form of stain.
stained glass glass that is colored either by fusing materials into it or by adding materials to its surface, and that is used chiefly in decorative windows.
stainless without a stain; spotless. [3 definitions]
stainless steel an alloy of steel and chromium, which is resistant to rust and corrosion.
stair one of a set of consecutive steps that lead to an upper or lower level in a building, or the entire set collectively. [2 definitions]
staircase an arrangement of consecutive steps with its supporting members, usu. connecting two or more floors of a building.
stairs a staircase; flight of steps.
stairway a staircase, often one walled off from the rest of a building in a stairwell.
stairwell in a building, a walled-off section that contains a staircase.
stake1 a sharpened or pointed post designed to be driven into the ground, as for a marker or support, or part of a fence. [6 definitions]
stake2 one's economic or emotional share or interest in something. [6 definitions]
stakeholder someone who holds the money that is bet by one or more persons and who pays it to the winner of the bet. [2 definitions]
stakeout an instance or the practice of surveillance of a place, usu. by police officers, in order to prevent a crime, apprehend a wanted person, or the like.
stake out to put (a person or place) under surveillance, esp. by police officers. [2 definitions]
Stakhanovism a system in the former Soviet Union in which workers who increased their production through initiative and efficiency received rewards and bonuses from the government.
stalactite a tapering rock formation that hangs from the roof of a cave and that is built up from minerals in dripping water.
stalagmite a tapering rock formation that extends upward from the floor of a cave and that is built up from minerals in dripping water.
stale having lost the moisture, taste, effervescence, or the like that is associated with freshness. [5 definitions]
stalemate a position in chess leading to a tie game that comes about when a player is unable to make a legal move. [4 definitions]
Stalinism the communist doctrines or policies of Joseph Stalin, esp. those concerned with suppression of dissent and aggressiveness in international affairs.