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stairway a staircase, often one walled off from the rest of a building in a stairwell.
stairwell in a building, a walled-off section that contains a staircase.
stake1 a sharpened or pointed post designed to be driven into the ground, as for a marker or support, or part of a fence. [6 definitions]
stake2 one's economic or emotional share or interest in something. [6 definitions]
stakeholder someone who holds the money that is bet by one or more persons and who pays it to the winner of the bet. [2 definitions]
stakeout an instance or the practice of surveillance of a place, usu. by police officers, in order to prevent a crime, apprehend a wanted person, or the like.
stake out to put (a person or place) under surveillance, esp. by police officers. [2 definitions]
Stakhanovism a system in the former Soviet Union in which workers who increased their production through initiative and efficiency received rewards and bonuses from the government.
stalactite a tapering rock formation that hangs from the roof of a cave and that is built up from minerals in dripping water.
stalagmite a tapering rock formation that extends upward from the floor of a cave and that is built up from minerals in dripping water.
stale having lost the moisture, taste, effervescence, or the like that is associated with freshness. [5 definitions]
stalemate a position in chess leading to a tie game that comes about when a player is unable to make a legal move. [4 definitions]
Stalinism the communist doctrines or policies of Joseph Stalin, esp. those concerned with suppression of dissent and aggressiveness in international affairs.
stalk1 a plant's main stem. [3 definitions]
stalk2 to walk in a stiff, arrogant, or threatening manner. [6 definitions]
stalking-horse anything used to divert attention from secret plans, schemes, intentions, or the like; decoy.
stall1 a small enclosed division of a barn or stable designed for lodging a single animal. [13 definitions]
stall2 to employ evasion or other delaying maneuvers. [5 definitions]
stallion a sexually mature, uncastrated male horse.
stalwart steady and loyal; reliable. [4 definitions]
stamen the stalklike part of a flower that produces and bears the pollen.